Just try!

For Russia fresh shrimp is a unique product. It opens up a new market segment. Fed with natural feed and in a natural conditions Crimean shrimp has superior quality compared to frozen shrimp from Thailand, Bangladesh and China that we got used to see in supermarkets and even in prestigious restaurants. The Ellas brand’s shrimp … Just try! Read More »

The first ones on base

The Ellas Eco farm  is created on basis of Crimea’s oldest fish farms – The Crimean Partisans fish collective farm in Portovoe village. The first farm appeared here in 1927 and after launching of the North-Crimean canal it reoriented from catching fish to breeding it in the ponds.  For decades the Dnepr waters filled 500 ha of … The first ones on base Read More »

2.2 ha of intensive shrimp ponds in Crimea

The Ellas brand – Russia’s largest shrimp manufacturer – completes the creation of 10 ponds for intensive shrimp cultivation with total area of 2.2 hectares. According to project’s press service the ponds launch is scheduled for the first half of June. “The total area of ponds after completion of construction will be 10 ha. In … 2.2 ha of intensive shrimp ponds in Crimea Read More »

Completion of intensive ponds construction

We complete construction of our first intensive ponds for Vannamei whiteleg shrimp farming. This year we launch 10 ponds with total area of about 2 ha. It is our first experience and the very first stage of creation the perfect conditions for shrimp. Compared with natural ponds the intensive ones allow to increase density of … Completion of intensive ponds construction Read More »