The first ones on base

The Ellas Eco farm  is created on basis of Crimea’s oldest fish farms – The Crimean Partisans fish collective farm in Portovoe village. The first farm appeared here in 1927 and after launching of the North-Crimean canal it reoriented from catching fish to breeding it in the ponds.  For decades the Dnepr waters filled 500 ha of ponds with fresh water for carp, silver carp and grass carp breeding. And if Soviet times were favourable for the farm and it kept leading positions then after 2014 it actually stopped its activity.

Seeing this farm, we immediately appreciated its convenience for shrimp breeding. Fresh and warm sea water goes through the canals to the pulp station wherefrom it distributes further. It needs minimum filtration.

Despite the apparent artificial breeding the shrimp grows in completely natural conditions.

New shrimp farm on the basis of an old fish farm is launched stepwise. Last year we managed to harvest for the first time. This experience showed us possibility of breeding shrimp in the wild which is not practiced anywhere in the world yet.

This year we are launching shrimp on 140 ha and next year we plan to engage all 520 ha of ponds.