ELLAS is based on one of the oldest Crimean fish farms. It’s Kolkhos n.a. Krymskih Partisan in Portovoe village. The fish farm was founded in 1927 and became successful after the North-Crimean canal had been built in 1971. About 500 ha of ponds were filled with fresh water from the Dnieper River for carp breeding. The company had become one of the leading farms in the region.

Over the past 30 years, the farm team kept the farm going, but the lack of investment and poor strategy reduced chances for development. Moreover the cultivation of freshwater fish became impossible after the North-Crimean canal had been closed in 2014.

ELLAS is a reliable investor that started the development of the base for aquacultural production. Now we use pumping stations to get water directly from the Black sea. They lift water to required height therefrom it goes to drainage canals and further fills all the 520 ha of ponds.

The existing ponds are a well-formed ecosystem perfect for shrimp. Essentially it grows in the wild habitat with regular sea water renewal. Shrimp feed consists not only of an organic food from salt lake Sivash but it also includes sea water plankton reproducing naturally.

Creation of intensive pond became the second stage of farm development. Water for these ponds is being filtrated and saturated with oxygen. Vital water indicators are being constantly monitored so any abrupt changes can be adjusted. Shrimp in intensive ponds obtains the same feed in strict dosage allowing control shrimp growth and its compliance with high standards of organic products.

The third stage of development will include the launch of greenhouses with recirculated water supply devices. Greenhouses are essentially improved intensive ponds that able to functionate year round. During cold season greenhouses will provide steady air and water temperature, shrimp continuous growth and year round harvesting for suppling favourite products to restaurants and retail networks.