About Us

• In 2015 was launched ELLAS — Vannamei whiteleg shrimp farming brand from Crimea. It passed through quite a long stage of preparation. Water samples from all the ponds on Crimean peninsula were carefully studied in leading laboratories of China, Thailand and the USA. As a result the former Crimean Partisans fish collective farms not far from the village Portovoe in Razdolnensky district were chosen due to well developed infrastructure vital for aquaculture.

The farm area includes several ponds 520 hectares of water surface in total. The ponds are filled with waters of Black sea through the water canals. Fish farms are neighbor to reserved Swan islands thus excluding industrial production impact to the area. More than 100 people passed through retraining and now ready to provide year-round shrimp farming.

Recirculating water supply devices are ready to be installed in 2020. Along with it the post larvae shrimp will be stocked to the farms’ natural ponds.

We develope gradually. As shrimp farming is brand new for Crimean peninsula all the stages are need to be tested. In 2018 the first shrimp was grown in ordinary pond. The result was so inspiringly successful that it was decided to run the ponds with the total area of 140 hectares with stocking density of one hundred thousand juvenal shrimps per hectare.

Besides, in 2019 ELLAS launches 10 new intensive ponds with total area of more than 2 hectares using modern world technologies that provide the survival of species and allow to increase stocking density up to 3 hundred thousand juvenal shrimps per hectare. The result is being achieved entirely by creating optimal conditions for shrimps’ existence: automated natural feed supply, robotic cleaning, oxygen saturation and acid-base water balance control. Our shrimp receives only organic food: artemia salina, gammarus and mosquito larva from Crimean lake Sivash where it passes through strict control. Shrimp grows in some sort of five-star hotel, increasing weight thousandfold, as a result the size of ready for sale shrimp reaches 25 cm long.

First industrial volumes of shrimp are expected in September. We bring to the

market an extraordinary product – fresh shrimp. Today premium products, such as crabs, langoustines, oysters and scallops are being offered in restaurants, except royal shrimp which is not yet presented there. Although it is much easier to keep it in a closed environment and customer demand for it is not less considering huge amount of dishes with shrimps.

The lack of such an offer can be explained only one way – there was no such offer yet. All the shrimp imported to our country is frozen (possibly not just once) and it is basically the surplus of production for the USA and Western Europe market. ELLAS is going to allow the customer to feel the difference between South East Asian and Crimean shrimp. We will apply the technology of instant freezing of fresh shrimp to distribute it in large retail networks, thus maintaining maximum flavor without affecting to our shrimp’s high quality.