2.2 ha of intensive shrimp ponds in Crimea

The Ellas brand – Russia’s largest shrimp manufacturer – completes the creation of 10 ponds for intensive shrimp cultivation with total area of 2.2 hectares. According to project’s press service the ponds launch is scheduled for the first half of June. “The total area of ponds after completion of construction will be 10 ha. In 2019 we will adapt the world’s best experience and test all the processes to prevent possible technologic problems. We plan to increase work efficiency after reaching the planned production volumes. Nobody did anything like that in Crimea before”. According to the head of the company, Alexander Shubaev, modern intensive ponds allow to harvest 3-4 times more in comparison with traditional fish farming ponds. The result is achieved by creating extremely comfortable environment: the acid-base balance is being controlled, oxygen and organic feed is supplied in the required dosage, all waste products and mud is removed by robots. “We use the world’s most modern technologies. At the same time shrimp lives a normal life – intensive ponds do not imply shrimp growth acceleration but allows to increase density, and by creating optimal conditions survival is significantly increases”, says Shubaev. The Ellas brand develops on basis of the Crimean Partisans collective farm in Razdolnensky district of Crimea. In 2020 production of shrimp is expected on 10 ha intensive ponds and 520 ha of natural ponds filled with sea water. The company procures organic feed: artemia salina, hammarus and larvae on Sivash lake.